More site improvements

I've made a number of further website improvements over the last week:

  • I've replaced the front page with a custom one. It now shows a large feature graphic (like Apple's site does), followed by the latest blog entry, and a link to the blog page. There's also a sidebar listing the recent blog posts for quick access.
  • Improved the page layout by eliminating the rounded corners on the boxes. Rounded corners look a little nicer, but the :before and :after metatags I was using didn't work reliably, and other approaches are too complex. I think the square corners has a certain elegance.
  • Improved the icons for the Blog and Forums header buttons.
  • Header button selection highlighting is now working for Drupal-based pages.
  • The Navigation menu (for site members) now uses DHTML to expand and collapse sub-menus without having to reload the page.
  • The Navigation menu now isn't available for guests, since all of the relevant functions are available via the header (though the menu does make accessing individual forums etc faster - a benefit of becoming a free site member!).
  • Added a Blog tags page and sidebar block (that only appears when viewing the blog) that lists blog tags, allowing filtering the blog for just those topics.
  • Added graphic captcha for guest comments, instead of the math question - it seems tidier and more reliable.
  • Changed the product screenshot slideshows to use JavaScript, again to avoid untidy page reloads.
  • Added new Developer pages, providing source code to other Cocoa developers (more on this tomorrow).

Note: due to the CSS changes, if the page header looks weird, try reloading the page to fix it.