Time Out 1.6.5 released

Here's a quick update of Time Out 1.6.5, to fix the incorrect display of when the next normal break is due.

This was caused by what I think is a bug in Lion — the way a date id described (to convert from a date to a string) no longer matches the documented format, and so it fails to be converted back from a string to a date.

Anyway, all better now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

I'm currently spending weekdays working on Profile version 2, and weekends on Time Out version 2. I got the agent communication working this weekend (the stuff that will let Time Out run in the background without having to be in the Dock). Next weekend I'll be working on the main configuration window. Hopefully I'll have the first alpha release available in a few weeks time (only for a small team of testers, yet to be selected from a list of volunteers).

Download Time Out 1.6.5 now!