Simon 4.0b4 released

Simon 4.0b4 is now available.

It includes several fixes and refinements:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented newly added filters from being used. Beta users who have added filters, you may need to re-select the use condition (the "when" popup menu) to make it take effect.
  • Fixed the Preview saying Preview Not Available when selecting a different test without changing out of Preview mode first.
  • Fixed the Preview source not completing loading if the Preview mode is selected on launch.
  • Fixed the upgrade license not being recognized for people with only a version 2 license.
  • Fixed a validation error sometimes when deleting a new test.
  • The tests (etc) list now has the initial keyboard focus for the window, instead of its sort menu.
  • Adding a new test now avoids checking right away, before it is configured.
  • Adding a new item will now always display the Name page, since the first thing that should be done is to give it a name.
  • Selecting an item in Edit mode on the Name page will now select the Name field.
  • Editing the name of an item now updates the list one second after the last keypress.
  • If one or more items are selected when adding a new one (or a group), the item is placed in the same group.
  • Fixed the test Services Kind popup menu's support of services in groups.
  • Now rebuilds the submenus of the status menu to avoid them being associated with the wrong item when the sort order changes.
  • Fixed wacky behavior sometimes when editing Parameters and Cookies in the Web (HTTP) test editor, and Custom Variables in the Script feature.
  • Fixed a crash when editing a Script-based service, filter or notifier.

More in four: see the Simon What's New page for important information and details of the changes in version 4.

Download Simon 4.0b4 now!