Simon 4.0b7 released

Simon 4.0b7 is now available:

Shiny new mode & toolbar icons

  • Replaced the somewhat crusty mode icons with nice elegant ones, and added separate selected edtions with a splash of color.
  • For fun (and usefulness), the selected color of the Tests list mode icon matches the status menu / Dock icon color.
  • The Activity Log type icons were also updated to match the mode icons.
  • Also replaced the Visit Site and Help toolbar icons.

Fixes & optimizations in this beta

  • To assist people coming from Simon Express or Simon Free, Simon now automatically migrates data from those older apps, if any, if there isn't any standard edition data.

More in four: see the Simon What's New page for important information and details of the changes in version 4.

Download Simon 4.0b7 now!

Simon should be ready for general release very soon. Please let me know of any issues as soon as possible! Thank you for helping make Simon 4 a great release.