2020 vision

Last week I published my annual Dejal year in review post for 2019. This week, let's look ahead for what's in store for 2020. And yes, I couldn't resist using the "2020 vision" pun. Sorry not sorry.

I am currently working on a big update to Simon, my pro macOS app to monitor websites and servers. I'm not ready to provide details, but I think people will enjoy the improvements. Due to my various projects, it probably won't be out for a few months.

Once that is done, I will start on an update to Time Out, probably version 2.7, though I might go to 3.0. I have a long list of feature ideas, some of which are earmarked for 3.0, some could be done sooner or later; I'll refine the plan closer to the time. As always, feel free to get in touch if you have suggestions.

Over the holiday period, I whipped up a quick prototype of a new macOS app to scratch my own itch, and as a fun learning experience for using SwiftUI, Combine, and other new technologies. The basic functionality is working, but I still need to do the preferences and other features. But that's on hold until I finish Simon. I'm actually thinking about outsourcing this, as another experiment. I do consulting development work for others, but it could be interesting to be on the client side for a change.

As always I have various other app ideas in various stages of planning or prototyping. I hope to spend some time on those at some point, but realistically probably won't have time for a while; my existing projects, including consulting work, accounts for all the time I have, and then some.

Speaking of consulting, I'm continuing to work on SheetPlanner, with some really nice enhancements underway, plus ongoing improvements to NewsBlur and Turn Touch. And maybe other projects later.

In terms of conferences, last year I attended AltConf in San Jose (see my photos) and Release Notes in Cancun, Mexico (see my photos). This year I plan to attend AltConf again, but beyond that don't have any conference plans; I'll definitely go to Release Notes again if they have one this year, and may go to another one depending on what is announced, though I won't be surprised if WWDC week is it for this year.

On the personal side, my wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a big trip to my home country of New Zealand, plus the usual homestead projects and daily photos and such. Follow those two blogs if you're interested in me as a person.

It's going to be another busy year!