Dejal decade in review: 2010-2019

Happy New Decade!

(Yes, I know some pedants would say the decade doesn't start till next year, but that doesn't make intuitive sense.)

As we start a new decade, let's review what happened with the Dejal apps in the last one, January 2010 to December 2019:

My popular break reminder tool, Time Out, was first released way back in 2003, and started the 2010's with an update to version 1.5.6. It has been regularly updated, including a massive 2.0 upgrade in 2016. But that wasn't the end; it has had many updates since then, adding many useful features, and is currently at version 2.6.2. It is available directly from the Dejal site, via the Mac App Store, and via Setapp. It has been featured several times in the App Store, and regularly ranked #1 in the Health & Fitness category.
My pro app to monitor websites and servers for changes and failures, Simon, is a year older, having started back in 2002. It begin the decade at version 2.5.6, with a major upgrade to version 3.0 later in 2010, and another to version 4.0 in 2014, and is currently at version 4.3.1. It continues to be sold both directly and as one of the foundation apps in Setapp.
Pack, a simple iPhone app to make it easy to pack for trips, was introduced in 2014, and rewritten from the ground up as 2.0 in 2019. It is currently up to version 2.1.
Date Stamp, an iMessage app to provide customizable date stamp stickers, was introduced in 2016, and updated to version 1.0.1 in 2017. It may or may not be updated again, but works really well as-is. The iMessage store didn't have a very good start, but is more visible in recent iOS releases. Tell your friends if you like this.
Chicken GIFs is a sticker pack featuring many fun animated GIFs of my chickens, which can be used as reactions in messages. It was introduced in 2017. It probably won't ever be updated, but is fun as-is.
Caboodle, a "lean clean snippet machine", was one of my older apps, created in 2006, and updated to version 1.5 in 2013. I worked on a big 2.0 update for a few years, and sold it to Before Dawn Solutions in 2017, where they released the 2.0.
BlogAssist, another older app to do HTML markup, was created in 2003, updated to version 2.4.1 in 2015, then discontinued in 2017. I don't like to discontinue apps, but sometimes it is the best option.
Tweeps, an iOS app to manage Twitter accounts, was created in 2010, updated to version 3.3 in 2014, then discontinued in 2017. It had a short life, suffering the fate of many third-party Twitter tools.
Narrator was my first app for Mac OS X; an app to read out stories in multiple voices. It was created in 2002, updated to version 2.0.7 in 2010, then sold to Mariner Software later in 2010.

It's been a busy decade!


Dejal also produces macOS and iOS apps for other companies, under the banner of Dejal Consulting, since 1995.

The 2010's decade saw a significant change for Dejal Consulting, moving from having one big, long-term client (with the occasional smaller jobs) to a more diverse portfolio. While having a big client was comfortable, it was fairly disruptive when it ended. I enjoy having long-term projects, but I would prefer to avoid that disruption in the future, so now like to maintain at least a couple of bigger projects, and a sprinkling of smaller ones for variety.

I can't write about all consulting projects, but some publicly available ones in the past decade have included:

SheetPlanner, a pro-level outliner, planner, todo, calendar, and more. Written entirely by Dejal. Started in 2017, it recently reached version 1.2, with many great enhancements coming in future updates.
The iOS client for NewsBlur, a popular RSS reader. Contributions by Dejal, starting in 2015 and also ongoing.
The iOS and macOS apps for the Turn Touch remote, a beautiful wooden remote for your smart home. Contributions by Dejal, starting in 2019 and continuing.
Client Folder Maker, a macOS tool to make custom hierarchies of folders. Contributions by Dejal, starting in 2018.
Keynote Extractor, a better HTML export for Apple Keynote on macOS. Written by Dejal from 2016 to 2017.
zCloud, a menubar utility for macOS to easily share screenshots and other files. Written by Dejal from 2015 to 2016.
Profile, a large server/client medical practice management system for iOS and macOS. Dejal contributions to the macOS server/client apps from 1995 to 2014 (yes, 19 years!), and the iOS app written by Dejal from 2011 to 2014.

I am currently fully booked up for the next several months at least, but am always interested in talking with potential new clients. If you have a macOS or iOS project you'd like help with (or a custom Simon enhancement), check out my consulting page for more information.

Thank you

Thank you and welcome to my new customers, and many thanks to the long-term customers who are still enjoying my apps, and my continuing consulting clients. I really appreciate your support.