Caboodle User Guide

License Agreement

An unfortunate part of life is the need to protect oneself from legal trouble. A result of that are the Software License Agreements that any responsible company uses to outline the legal issues with using their software. Dejal is no different, and is a small software company that would much more prefer to write software than fight battles. So when you first use any Dejal product, or an update for a product, you are presented with a license agreement, that you are required to agree to if you wish to continue using the software. Of course, if you don't wish to agree to it, you are free to stop using the software... but we hope that you will contact us to let us know how we can make things better.

Please carefully read the Software License Agreement. You can print it or save it to disk if you like. It is also available online, in case you wish to re-read it later.

Once you've read the license, click Continue. A sheet be presented where you can confirm that you agree to the terms of the license. If you disagree, you can simply close the window to quit.

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