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Testing a password-protected URL


I am trying to get Simon to query a page which is secure (using basic Apache htpasswd) but keep getting the following error:

Error: Error occurred: Error NSURLErrorDomain -1012

I have entered the username and password into Simon's security section for the test but it doesn't seem to work. The username/password combination work fine if I hit the same URL with Firefox...

...what am I missing?!

Many thanks.

Best wishes from London, UK.


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Re: Testing a password-protected URL

So the web browser displays an authentication panel/sheet when you visit the site? That equates with the Username and Password fields in Simon.

When you say it doesn't work, are you checking the test after adding it, or doing a Preview while editing? The detailed entered in the Edit Test window aren't saved for use by the Preview until after you click OK, so checking from the Monitor window is the most reliable way to check pages with authentication.

I hope this helps; reply if you need more assistance.