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Hanging Ping Tests

On a G5 Xserver running 10.4.8, I have Simon doing about 20-30 odd checks. I set this up on Friday, and checked in today to see how it was working. Most of my ping checks have hung and under the "next check" column, they say "now:2 days elapsed" or "now:20 hours have elapsed". Let me know if there is any more info I can provide.


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Re: Hanging Ping Tests

Someone else reported something similar with Ping tests. There may be an issue with it.

Are there any missing status icons or other weirdness? Have a look in the Console log; are there any Simon entries there? (Use /Applications/Utilities/Console and type "Simon" in the Filter field.)

Can you please email me a screenshot of the tests in the hung state if it happens again (or still is).

Unfortunately I restarted

Unfortunately I restarted Simon and the display reset and the check count actually updated to indicate about 2000 checks instead of a 60 count when it was hung, which probably means it was still checking, just the stats/display were stuck. If it happens again I will email a screenshot.

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Re: Unfortunately I restarted

Well, that's a helpful clue, at least. And reassuring that it's a display problem rather than a functional problem.