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Multiple "Packs"

How does one open and save a new document containing the entries and notes?

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Re: Multiple "Packs"

Caboodle stores all entries in the same place. The idea being to have the convenience of one place to go for everything.

Others have asked for multiple document support, and it's something I may consider in the future, but for now my recommendation is to use separate top-level entries to group things. Remember that each entry can have their own custom fields, and custom fields are inherited by child entries.

Multiple "Packs"

Thanks for the quick reply.

I don't think I want to mix things like a gardening notebook, genealogy notes, and stories.

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Need multiple data sets for different classes of things

I would like to cast a vote for a feature that allows saving the caboodle data to a file. This should allow one to save and reload separate databases for different topics. (e.g. one for business and one for personal, or one might be a project like content for a book).

This should also help to facilitate the backup of important data stored in Caboodle.

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Re: Need multiple data sets for different classes of things

Thanks for the vote. It remains something I'm considering for a future version, though I'm still not sure it fits with the design goals of Caboodle.