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Lost Data!!

I recently had problems with my MacBook and had to reinstall OSX10.5 from scratch -- (turned out to be a bad stick of RAM). Naturally I backed up all of my files to an external hard drive, but in the switch I lost all of my Caboodle data! I had some very valuable information on there, and now I can't access it. I already looked in the Applications Support Folder, but Caboodle won't recognize the two files that are in there. Is there anything I can do at this point?
Please help me get my info back.

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Re: Lost Data!!

I'm sorry to hear that. The Caboodle data is stored in a folder within your Application Support folder, as follows, where "~" means your home directory:

"~/Library/Application Support/Dejal/Caboodle/"

If you copy your data to this folder, Caboodle should recognize it.