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Is there a way to make each test run have its own set of cookies?

Unfortunately last night we had an issue happen to a few of our servers where anyone using the same session that continued to hit the server would have gotten HTTP 500 errors.

However, most users would have eventually closed/reopened their browsers (we hope), and we'd rather Simon do HTTP checks such that it doesn't keep data on the past session.

This would be possible if the session and set of cookies that Simon used in a test did not remain for the following tests I assume? I thought I'd seen this option in Simon before, but am having trouble finding it now so perhaps it isn't there. If it isn't, is it something that could be added (the ability per test to clear cookies/session for each request)?

Apologize in advance if Simon already clears the session/cookies each time and perhaps this sessionId was somehow tied to the IP (but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case).


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Re: Is there a way to make each test run have its own set of ...

Simon currently keeps cookies, to ensure it can log in when using sites that use cookies for that purpose. You can of course manually clear out the cookies.

However, others have requested more cookie handling options, and I hope to add this in the forthcoming version 2.6. See this previous thread for more information.