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how to set up tests?

just wondering are there any explanations or sample set up available for non sys admin how to set up the several filters???

I would like to see for example if a text or image change is detected on a web site or the server is down?



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Re: how to set up tests?

I designed the filters feature to be simple to use. Open the New Test or Edit Test window, click on the Filters tab, and specify a Block filter. That's the most popular filter to look for a change in a specific portion of a web page.

To find the text to enter in the Start and End text fields, display the Preview window (via the Preview button at the bottom of the window). That will show the source of the website at the top and the rendered page at the bottom of a window.

Simply find the source text around the bit you want, using the rendered page as a reference, and copy the relevant portions into your test's filter.

I hope this helps.