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Notifier stopped working. Change detection failing?

We run a pulse test every morning at 0600. We check every 5 minutes, but pause the test from 0605 to 0600. This past weekend the Simon computer lost power. When we restarted it on Tuesday (at ~08:00) we were getting Pulse Test notifications every 5 minutes. My fix was to manually pause the test for as many minutes until 0555 the next day. Ever since then the test has run but we haven't been reliably getting notifications. The logs indicate that no change has been detected.

Smart Change Detection is defined as shown in the attachment.

Is there a file somewhere that stores the last changed value that I might tweak?

Do I need to delete and recreate the Pulse test?



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Re: Notifier stopped working. Change detection failing?

The Pulse service always changes — it simply outputs the date and time, so will be different once per second.

I'm not sure how the change detection could stop working, but it'd be very easy to add a new test, so that might be worth trying.