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How to delete a test?

I have a test I want to delete. The help says to choose "File/Delete test from the menu."

There is no menu.

Delete key or Control click or Double click doesn't do anything. Nothing I can find will let me delete a test.

What am I missing here?

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Re: How to delete a test?

Sorry, that help reference is out-of-date. The Delete Test function was recently moved to the Edit menu. You can also press Cmd-Delete.

Re: How to delete a test?

Thank you. command-delete worked... but your reply still has me puzzled. Perhaps I set something, but...

-there is NO menu-

Simon does not show up with command - tab.

Most apps have a menubar with the name of the app next to the apple logo. Then File, Edit and so on

If I run Simon from within the applications folder, this menubar fails to appear. If I choose the "show simon monitor" from the menubar -icon- (on the right) no menubar appears.

All of which makes "chosing delete from the Edit menu" more than a little difficult... since there is no "Edit" menu, or any other menus that I can find.

What on earth did I do?

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Re: How to delete a test?

You will have disabled the option "Show the Simon icon in the Dock" in the General Preferences.

You can get to the Preferences window via the action (cog) toolbar button, or via the usual Cmd-, shortcut.

As it says below that option, when Simon doesn't appear in the Dock, it doesn't have a menubar either.

Re: How to delete a test?

Aha! Thank you.