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Feature request: Simplified Break Scheduling

I looked back 2 years and didn't see this suggested.

How about allowing Normal and Micro breaks scheduling to be set for specific clock times (e.g., Normal breaks on the hour and Micro breaks at 20 and 40 minutes after the hour or on the quarter hour, etc.)?

I've tried to do this with the current scheduling structure but it seems to get off track daily per the settings I'm using.

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Re: Feature request: Simplified Break Scheduling

If you set an Available time range, the break times will be aligned with that each day. They'll still drift throughout the day, based on postpones, skips, and/or natural breaks, but that can be minimized via the schedule prefs.

But yes, I do want to add options to specify fixed-time breaks. This has been suggested before, and is on my feature ideas list, tentatively scheduled for version 2.5.