Thank you for FinderFront. One the few things I miss about the classic Mac days was that a mere click on the desktop brought all open Finder windows to the front.

However, one caveat I've found while using FinderFront is that the ability to drag clippings to the desktop no longer works. Try to select some text and drag it to your desktop... nope, nada, zilch.

Am I missing something?

Some added features I would like

Ric Smith wrote elsewhere (moved here as a more appropriate location):

I have tried several note taking software and I like Caboodle a lot. There are however a couple things I would like to see.
1. When copying word files containing text and images, the images get copied also.
2. The same with pdfs.
3. when adding images to text, would like wrap-around text, and images on positions other than the left.
4.when taking snippets from a web page, images copied from there location and placed where they belong, instead other the image text as it is now. I realized that links would needed to be followed, etc.

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