I have just found the need for encryption aside from the obvious password sibling. I would like to see the capability to password protect a sibling and all of its children. Perhaps such an option could be selected under preferences.

Your blog is clearly run with Drupal. What theme did you use, or was this custom made? I like it.

Thanks for a great product!

Sort by Subject and Search User Guide

Is there some round-about way to Sort the Entries by Subject? For the project I'm using Caboodle for, it would be helpful if they were alphabetized, and after I add more, I could re-alphabetize the Subjects periodically.

And is there a way to search the User Guide for keywords?


blog assist upgrade

[lee webb wrote:]


I've been using blog assist 1.1.2 for some time now. Is the upgrade to the current version free or discounted in any way?


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