Can I export a sibling and all children at the same time? It appears that exporting can only be done one child or sibling at a time. I'm trying out Caboodle, and this would be a big plus for me. I would primarily use Caboodle as an outliner, using siblings as chapters. It would be nice not to have to export each one individually. Thanks.

Web Account Topic Suggestion

Very new to this, but enjoying the options for creative organization.. a long time virtual necessity for me. You include "Serial Numbers" to keep track of account info etc. Wanted to suggest you implement a "Web Accounts" tab so that one may record the sites they have registered accounts with; be it an online banking account, an online shopping account from a particular store or internet mass discount site..coupon code site accounts...online shipping accounts etc. I often try to keep my user-names and passwords all the same- but so often certain sites require more complex ID entries...making all UID's, sites and passwords difficult to keep track of and annoying to have to reset each time.
Just a suggestion..

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