Feature Request: More Values

I agree, BlogAssist makes it easier/faster for writing blog posts, however, I feel quite limited with the only options for values being value 1 or value 2. What about values 3, 4 and 5 for more complex HTML entries, such as adding height/width and title/alt tags to images (certain browsers don't display one or the other), title and rel tags to links, or adding subjects to email links?


<img src="{value1}" alt="{value2}" title="{value3}" height="{value4}" width="{value5}" />
<a href="{value1}" title="{value2}" rel="{value3}">{value4}</a>
<a href="mailto:{value1}?subject={value2}">{value3}</a>

It's primarily a feature request that would help blog owners automate and simplify valid HTML/XHTML practices, while giving more advanced users some additional pluggable values for their more complex codes; that's all.

Blogassist app will not open

Actually, it has never opened, and I don't know how to use it.

Any suggestions?

I am not an html person; in that case, am I wasting my time with this app?

Thank you,

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