Natural Break (Detection)

Is it possible to implement a function in the app that could detect when a video is playing? Because when I watch a video (offline or online), and I don't use my mouse or keyboard for a while, I don't want the app to start thinking I'm taking a natural break. Another option which I would prefer is to choose the time when the app starts thinking I'm taking a natural break myself, instead of the default 30 seconds.


Hello ... I have a question?
Is it possible to redirect macfilink page to a mobile page?
I've tried different ways but I did not succeed.
Does anyone know?
Have a nice day :-) Regards Frode

timeout won't show menu bar

I have installed the new timeout, but it wont show it on the menu bar, how to i configure it?


https monitoring, App is 10 minutes down per day to run the build in backup


we run a dentist application and this requires that all programs are shut down to backup the database. This means, the Web booking is also unavailable 10 minutes per day. I there any way to specify a "retry limit" and notify only after this limit in 24h is reached?



Database won't read


I have been storing the caboodle database on dropbox without a problem. I upgraded to snow leopard and puff its gone. I see the database but Caboodle won't recognize it even though I have dragged right onto the machine I am trying to access it on. Caboodle seems to work with a new database but not the one that has all of my data. Very, very bad for me. Any solutions?


Caboodle on two machines

Hi, I am new to Caboodle. So far, so good. If I keep the Caboodle data files on mobile-me or drop box, can I open or change them randomly from two different computers? I want to be a be able to collect info at home and use it at the office if I need it.

Repeating Notification Logic?

Hey folks,
For some reason I can't figure out the logic of repeating notifications.

I simply want Simon to notify me by email every 3 minutes if a page is changed or failed.

But for whatever reason I set up the item to monitor a page, then I rename the page so the page does not exist and get one change notice then nothing there after.

Am I missing something obvious?


I think this is way cool

I have been using Caboodle to store PDFs from web sites, etc., and noticed that several programs (Yojimbo and Journler, among them) have built in services that allow PDFs to be stored in their databases. I think it's done through Applescript.

This would be a great, great addition to Caboodle.

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