Apply to be a Dejal iPhone Beta Tester

Thank you for your interest in helping beta test a Dejal iOS app.

Beta versions improve the quality of the final product by exposing it to a wider range of situations and uses, hopefully detecting any bugs before the general release, and allowing feedback on features that aren't as intuitive as they should be, or ideas on how the app can be enhanced.

Dejal beta testers are a small group of people who are the first in the world to see the new app. They are willing to try the various features and provide reports on anything that doesn't work as expected or could be better.

Of course, you need to have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to participate.

Beta testers are given access to private forums on the Dejal site, where information about the app, and Ad Hoc builds of the app are released, and where discussions are held.

Please note that it is essential that all information about the app remain strictly confidential until Dejal publicly releases it. By participating, you agree to keep the information secret until notified by Dejal that it's okay to talk about it (which will probably be shortly before public release). There may be legal consequences for breaking this trust.

All beta testers who provide helpful feedback (e.g. report a new bug) will be rewarded with a free copy of the app when it is released, and will remain eligible for future beta releases.

Please note that not all applications to be a beta tester are accepted. The beta group is kept small, to limit risk of leaks and due to Apple's limits. Only apply to join this elite if you are serious about having the time and interest to properly test and provide feedback.

Interested? The first step is to create an account on the Dejal site, or log in if you already have one. Use the form to the right.