New site now live

I've now switched the domain over to the new web server - so the site is now live, and the old server is ready to be retired.

If you've visited before, you'll notice a number of changes - for one thing, the blog is currently appearing on the home page, instead of the brief "Recent News" list and the feature graphic. I do want to bring the feature graphic back in due course, and perhaps reduce the news on the home page to just headlines (the full blog entries can be read on the Blog page)... but for now having the blog on the home page works for me.

I hope you like the new page styles. As of this writing there are two distinct page styles, for Drupal-managed pages (like the blog and forums) and custom PHP-driven pages (like product pages), but that will be corrected soon. The Drupal-managed pages will be changed to appear more like the custom ones.

Please let me know what you think of the changes in the comments. Please also tell me if you notice any broken links; always a risk with site migrations.