Piwhacket: 1994 - 2007

Piwhacket, our beloved cat of about 13 years, passed away early this morning, following a week of veterinary treatment, due to kidney and heart troubles.

My wife and I got Pi as a kitten, shortly before we got married. She was named after a cat in the movie "Bell Book & Candle".

Pi was a great kitty, who enjoyed sitting on my lap while I work, despite bad eyesight making it harder for her to jump up. She had a cute "quack" sound she'd make when she wanted attention. When we were sick, she was always there to comfort us. She was our pretty princess. She is greatly missed.


Piwhacket's opal eyes



Please accept my condolences. We too lost our good friend of almost 24 years, Socks, about 3 weeks ago. We'd found him as a 3 or 4 week old kitten and he'd been my morning meditation companion to the end. We know the large space left by the passing of such as these. Socks had been stable, but had kidney problems for several years, and for the last couple of years was slow, but otherwise healthy, and in the end went quickly, which was a blessing. He had always bossed the house around, finding us and meowing when our outside cat had appeared to be fed, and at night visiting each in turn when it was time to go to bed - and revisiting in a few minutes if he needed to reinforce his edict. If someone was out of the house at bedtime, he'd sit at their door and demand an explanation. We're on our own now.

Those are beautiful photos you posted - thank you.


John Gonder

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Re: Condolences

Thank you. Cats certainly have lots of personality. Pi had her routine too: if we slept in too late, she'd "quack" at us to wake us up, or at least hurry us along in getting up. She liked to be escorted to the food dish. She had a funny way of leaning into my arm when sitting on my lap, to demand pats. So many cute things we'll miss.

We do have another cat, Pixel (star of the Caboodle icon). He seems to miss Pi, too.