Give Good Food to Your Mac

Macs are used by people with taste; the taste to know that the Mac is the best computing platform in the world!

So people with discerning tastes of course want only the best ingredients. Once again, the Give Good Food to Your Mac promotion is here to help.

You can select from a delicious range of quality Mac software, sampling each to find just the right items for you. Then construct a recipe of delights, receiving an increasing discount the more you purchase.

I am very pleased to be able to include Dejal Narrator to this elite selection. Narrator is an elegant speech synthesis application that has a unique feature: the ability to mix multiple voices in one document, e.g. to listen to an interview or read out a story with multiple characters. It also supports exporting to iTunes or sound files, so you can make your own synthesized voice podcasts.

So take a moment to browse through the ingredients and enjoy the savings on many fine specimens of Mac software!

Visit the Give Good Food to Your Mac site.