My home office, explored

I included a photo of my home office in a previous post, "There's no place like home":

(Click to embiggen)

I thought I'd explore it for those who are interested.

  • MacBook Pro 17": My main computer. I like the (high resolution) screen combined with the portability, e.g. if I want to take it downstairs or on a trip.
  • 23" Apple display: to the left of the MBP. It's a rather ancient model, with the huge frame, but it works. It displays Woopra and Twitterrific normally, or secondary windows as needed.
  • Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler underneath the MBP, to help keep it cool (only used in Summer; this photo was taken in August).
  • PowerMac G5 tower (not visible): currently running Tiger, used for testing and as a music player.
  • 17" Apple display: hooked up to the G5. I have a keyboard and mouse attached, but can also control it from my MBP via the handy teleport utility.
  • Various desk accessories... calculator, water, docks, speakers, etc.
  • Wireless Weather Station, in case I do want to venture outside.
  • xkcd's height poster... fascinating.
  • Satellite image poster of Portland and north to Mount St. Helens. I have a similar one of the Puget Sound area (around Seattle) behind me.
  • Cat tower, enjoyed by our three cats.
  • Various baseball bobbleheads (from the Seattle Mariners and Portland Beavers), toys, and puzzles on the shelf of a cabinet containing books.
  • At ceiling level, a Grip-a-strip display rail holding pages to help me schedule my work, with different colored Post-It notes for each project, with a note for each week of work in columns for months (I currently have up till June 2010 planned out).

Not visible is another desk to my right, which holds a paperwork organizer, drawers of cables, a HP OfficeJet print/scan/fax machine, etc.

So that's my world. :)

How did you get your laptop

How did you get your laptop to run two more monitors? I been trying to find a solution to make that happen

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Re: How did you get your laptop

I didn't; the left monitor is connected to the MBP, but the right monitor is connected to a PowerMac G5 tower.