My secret new iPhone app....

I thought I'd drop a hint about my secret new iPhone app, coming to the App Store in a few weeks. I have hinted a little about it via Twitter (@dejal), usually referring to it as [DEJALDACTED], a play on the "redacted" label often applied to new iPhone technologies covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements.

This app has been in development for about six months, part-time (around Dejal support, other app updates, and contract work). I'm still not ready to announce the app, but it won't be too much longer. The initial version will be for the iPhone and iPod touch. I also plan to add native support for the iPad, leveraging the larger screen, once it is available.

The app is currently being tested by a small group of beta testers. I will soon begin accepting a few more people into this elite beta group, to get some fresh perspectives and more testing. If you're interested, you can apply to become a Dejal beta tester.

Here's a little teaser of part of the app's icon:

No bad post, write more

No bad post, write more