Tweeps for iPad mockup

Now that Tweeps is available in the iPhone App Store, I'm starting work on the iPad edition.

Obviously, the iPad has a lot more screen space than the iPhone, so a different design is needed to take full advantage of this extras space. I've been thinking about iPad design concepts ever since the iPad was announced, but have yet to come up with something that entirely satisfies me.

A difficulty with coming up with a good design is that Tweeps can show any number of levels. You start with a list of your accounts, then show your profile overview, then can show a list of people you're following (for example), then delve deeper by showing the profile overview for one of them, and their followers, and so on to any number of levels. This works fine with the navigation display in the iPhone edition, where you can keep pushing views onto the screen, but is harder with a more traditional interface.

For quite a while, I've been thinking about something like the iPad Contacts app design, with a two-page book metaphor. The idea would be to display the profile details on the left page, and the avatar, web, map, following, followers etc views on the right (one at a time). It'd then flip the page when viewing a different person's information. That seems like a reasonable approach, though the very different content displays on the right seems to break the book metaphor.

The latest idea I've been exploring is more of a notepad metaphor. The idea is a single notepad page with the profile overview, and bookmark tabs (like Post-it® flags) sticking out from the right for related pages like those listed above. So you touch a tab to flip the notepad to that page. There would also be bookmark tabs on the left side to go back to the previous profile(s) or the accounts list.

Here's a rough mockup, done in the great OmniGraffle (click to see full-sized):

Don't worry about the fine details; as I said, it's very rough.

You'd tap the Following tab on the right to flip pages to the Following view, which would be similar to that in Tweeps now, except would have room to show more information about each person:

You could then go back to the profile overview via the new tab with the avatar icon on the left, or go straight to other pages via the other tabs on the right.

If you tap a row in the Following list, it'd flip the page to the profile overview for that person, and the tabs on the right would then show more information about them.

It might look better with a black background, to merge into the iPad bezel, as follows. In which case I'd eliminate the space around the edges (still shown in this mockup), providing more room for the content:

What do you think? Would this design work, or am I on the wrong track? Should I forget about trying for a real-world look? I'd love to hear other design ideas too.