Tweeps for iPad

I got my iPad on Saturday, and spent much of the weekend playing with it. The iPad really is a magical device — as Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

I don't really have much to add to the numerous commentaries, reviews, and discussions on the interwebs. So suffice to say that I think it's a great device, and will only get better as OS upgrades and software updates enhance it.

Kudos to developers who provided iPad-native updates for the initial release. It takes a lot of bravery to release an app without ever trying it on a real device. For the most part, the risk paid off for them, though many of the apps have some issues, varying from UI malfunctions to crashes, which the developers are scrambling to fix.

Personally, I decided to wait for my iPad before I released Tweeps for it. Though part of that was due to a lack of time, since Tweeps 1.0 was only released a few weeks ago, then I was away on a cruise. But I think I would have been rather hesitant to do a release without live testing, even if I had enough time.

Anyway, work on the iPad edition of Tweeps is underway. It will look much like in the previously-posted mockups. I'll give my existing beta testers a first chance to try it, then will open it up to others.

One point I wanted to emphasize: Tweeps will be a Universal app — so it will run natively on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, from one app. If you've already bought Tweeps, you'll get the iPad edition for free! If you haven't bought Tweeps yet, you can get it now at the special introductory price, and will get the iPad edition at no extra cost. I'll be increasing the price soon, so don't miss the low-low price.

Here is my latest design mockup again; see the previous post for more views (click to see full-sized):