More Tweeps for iPad screenshots

As promised last week, here are a few more screenshots of the iPad edition of Tweeps, my new iPhone OS app to easily manage Twitter accounts.

Firstly, the Find Others view in landscape. You can use it to quickly locate any Twitter user. You can search for a person's name, a company or brand name, or a username. If you know the exact username, you can prefix it with an "@" to skip the search results and go straight there. On the iPad, a "Recents" popover is displayed, that includes your recent searches, making it even easier to search for them again:

In portrait orientation, the sidebar is in a popover, like in Mail etc (here's the list of people who follow you... which may get some further improvements before release):

And lastly, another landscape view, this time the Mentions list — tweets that replied to you or mentioned your username:

Stay tuned for more screenshots next week!

Remember, you can still apply to become a Dejal beta tester to try Tweeps 2 now, or buy now to get it at the version 1 price.