Tweeps 2.1 released

Version 2.1 of my new iPad and iPhone app, Tweeps, has just been approved, and is now available on the App Store.

You can get it at no cost, too. I've decided to make it completely free. Tell your friends!

The two major additions in this release are support for iOS 4, and for the new iPhone 4 device.

The recent iOS 4 operating system release added multitasking and a number of other great enhancements to devices that support it. Tweeps 2.1 now fully supports fast app switching. There's nothing Tweeps can usefully do in the background, but the convenience of flipping from another app (e.g. your preferred Twitter posting client) to Tweeps and back is very useful.

This update also includes a number of minor bug fixes and tweaks to support other changes in iOS 4.

Apple's new iPhone 4 is a very nice little device. One of its key enhancements is a beautiful new "retina display" — twice the resolution of older iPhone devices, with pixels smaller than the human eye can see. Tweeps 2.1 adds higher resolution icons and other images so it looks even better on the iPhone 4.

Learn more about Tweeps, or get it for free now: