Octagonal dream house

I've always enjoyed looking at house plans. Many years ago, back around 1995, I had fun imagining an ideal house plan with an octagonal shape. It just seemed an intriguing shape for a house. I particularly liked the idea of having a large courtyard in the center of the house, with a private patio and swimming pool.

I sketched out a house plan based on my ideas, drawing it in the now-obsolete ClarisWorks application. Recently I came across the old file and converted it to PNG so I'd be able to continue viewing it and reminiscing:

(The above notes are part of the original image.)

The plan still has some good ideas, including some things that have become popular in modern luxury houses, like a media room... and some things are are no longer all that relevant, like a photography dark room (though my wife is still keen to have one for B&W photography). I'm sure I would do lots of things differently now, though I still like the general layout.

Now that I live in the US, it's interesting to be reminded of some of the NZ terminology. For example, we'd say "master bath" instead of "master ensuite", "living room" or "great room" instead of "lounge", and "sliding glass door" instead of "ranchslider". The 4-car garage is definitely an American touch, though. :)

Oh, and for those who don't think in meters, 16m is about 52.5'. So the house is about 105' across, all on one level, apart from the basements. Which makes it somewhere in the range of 5,000 square feet, if my rough math is right. Quite big!

Nowadays, I'm more enamored by Queen Anne Victorian house styles. For example, this plan is pretty much ideal in my book. I just love the pointy bits. :)

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Re: Octagonal dream house

Wow - I'd say: So it's a house for four cars, and, oh yes, you are allowed to live there, too. Right? ;-) SCNR

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Re: Octagonal dream house

Yeah, pretty much. Four-car garages aren't entirely uncommon, though.

Way more than we need currently, though; we only have one car (a good German VW New Beetle).