Introducing Profile for iOS

I'm pleased to introduce a new app for iOS: Profile.

Profile is an iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to provide on-the-go access to the powerful medical practice management system provided by Intrahealth — a leading medical software vendor in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Important: please note that Profile can only be used by licensed users of Intrahealth's software; it requires logging into their server software. So there's no point in downloading it unless you are already an Intrahealth customer.

I think this is the first mention of Intrahealth on the Dejal site... but I've actually been working with Intrahealth for about 17 years now. I started contracting work with them back in 1995, working on their Macintosh Medical Administration System (MMAS) product, which later became Profile for Mac. I still help out with that a bit, but nowadays spend most of my Intrahealth (IH) time working on Profile for iOS.

This project started in January 2011, though work in earnest didn't start till August 2011. Version 1.0 was released late last month, and version 1.1 was released today. I'm already hard at work on version 2.

So, if you've wondered at the slow progress on Time Out 2 and other apps, now you know why. But don't worry, I have time allocated for Time Out 2, and have been making good progress on it.

If you're curious, you can learn more about Profile and see screenshots on the Profile product page on this site, and on the App Store.