BlogAssist 2.4 release

BlogAssist version 2.4 is now in general release! BlogAssist is my handy tool to make HTML markup easier, whether you're developing websites, posting to forums, or any other times markup is needed.

A key feature of this update is the new Substitutions preferences. These optionally replace symbols and accented characters with the HTML entity equivalents. They can also be used to replace URLs, e.g. to strip off a base URL for your own domain, or change it to localhost (or anything else).

Here's a screenshot:

But wait, there's more! BlogAssist 2.4 also has changes for Mountain Lion support, including a new approach to starting on login, support for Gatekeeper (Developer ID), and sandboxing.

Important: it now requires OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later, and a 64-bit Mac. The previous version is still available if you're using an older OS version or Mac.

BlogAssist Express 2.4 has been submitted to the Mac App Store; it'll be available once Apple approves it (which can take a few weeks).

See the release notes for full details.

Download BlogAssist 2.4 now!