Profile 2.0.1 released

Profile is a medical practice management app that connects to Intrahealth's server. A small update is now available in the App Store, with some improvements:


  • Added support for background and text color properties of form templates: if set, the colors are used for the field prompt.
  • If a hint is set, it is displayed below the prompt.
  • Templates that have been deleted from the server are now marked as historical, so they aren't offered when adding a form in New Encounter.
  • Fixed layout of value picker popovers where they could appear off the bottom of the screen for long forms.
  • Date and time values now default to blank instead of today; tapping to display the picker will enter today's date/time.
  • Date and time pickers now include a Clear button to remove the value.
  • Fixed live-updating of date and time values.


  • Changed the Unlock Profile view to combine the Server and Port fields into a single Server field. The http:// or https:// prefix is optional (it uses https:// if no port or a port of 443 is specified). Also, if the server is hosted on, just a server name can be entered, e.g. just the "example" part of "".
  • Fixed an issue with SSL/TLS connections.
  • Improved text colour handling.
  • Settings for Appointments and Tasks now have wider date ranges, including an All option.
  • After saving a new case, automatically reloads the patient's interventions and problems, in case the server added some for the new case.
  • Some other performance and stability improvements.
  • Tweaked the icon, to make it more distinctive from version 1.

Remember, Profile requires an Intrahealth Profile server; you won't be able to do anything if you're not an Intrahealth customer.

If you're curious, you can learn more about Profile and see screenshots on the Profile product page on this site, and on the App Store.