The war on spam

In recent months the amount of spam postings attempted on the Dejal Forums and Dejal Blog comments has reached an unmanageable level.

You may not have seen any spam here, as I've had to spend increasing amounts of time each day moderating posts and comments. It's gotten so bad that a couple of weeks ago I changed the filtering rules to effectively block all posts, so everything had to manually moderated.

However, today I've installed Mollom, thanks to a suggestion in the forums. It uses text analysis to determine whether a post or comment is spam or "ham" (good). If it's unsure, it will display a CAPTCHA (those things where you enter characters to prove you're human). Learn more about Mollom....

I have high hopes that Mollom will solve the spam battle on this site. Time will tell! If you have any issues with creating user accounts, or posting in the forums or comment, or you have any other feedback about it, please contact me.