Profile 2.2 released

Profile is a medical practice management app that connects to Intrahealth's server. Version 2.2 is a huge update; it is now available in the App Store.

Major changes include:

  • Added a flexible search function to the Appointments list.
  • Tasks can be filtered "for me" or "by me".
  • You can now change the Place of Service (POS).
  • Redesigned Patient Groups feature.
  • Added Folder support, to list folder members, quickly access them, and change the current folder of a patient.
  • Added a new Social page of Patient Functions, for viewing or editing social values like ethnicity and user fields.
  • Added an Additional Addresses item to the Patient Functions.
  • Added a new Alerts item in the Patient Functions list (for patient-scoped alerts), and in the Case Functions list (for case-scoped alerts).
  • Added a Notes item to the Patient Functions and Case Functions lists.
  • Added a Care Team item to the Case Functions list.
  • Reference Series can now display multiple graphs at once, and dynamically includes new form values.
  • Added a new Letters item in the Case Functions list, which displays a list of historical and draft letters, which can be edited.
  • Letters can also be added via a New Encounter, using pre-populated templates.
  • Many improvements to forms, plus historical ones can now be edited.
  • Swipe right-to-left or tap the page curl in a patient-based view to flip the page up to reveal Quick Clinical Views.
  • Clinical Views are now dynamic, able to load new values from forms.
  • Added a new Quick Contact item to the Case Functions list. Shows a popover with a list of Quick Contacts. A Quick Contact is added as a normal Encounter with a single Contact.
  • Many changes with New Encounters, including an OnTheGo setting to use a single contact or multiple contacts, and Activity, Location and Type options.
  • Syncing now uses the "IOSBusinessLogicServiceV2" web services, and has had dramatic performance improvements.
  • Tap the sync status to display a popover showing sync activity; it updates live during a sync.
  • Much nicer error display in the Sync Errors view.
  • Many changes to reference data, including the ability to reload individually, new external provider and other lookups, and more.
  • New settings for graph theme; with a new default light theme; go to Settings if you prefer the dark theme.
  • Added an info bar at the top of the screen (just under the iOS status bar) that displays the name, gender and DOB of the current patient, plus the current case, if any, and a timer of the current encounter, if any.
  • The sidebar can now be hidden in either orientation in many views.
  • Added support for the new 4" display on the iPhone 5, and built for iOS 6.0, compatible back to iOS 5.0.
  • Plus numerous performance improvements, feature enhancements, and fixes. See the release notes for details.

Remember, Profile requires an Intrahealth Profile server; you won't be able to do anything if you're not an Intrahealth customer.

If you're curious, you can learn more about Profile and see screenshots on the Profile product page on this site, and on the App Store.