Simon 3.5b3 released

Here's another beta of Simon 3.5. Please check that everything works as expected, and let me know ASAP if you find anything wrong. Thanks!

This update includes:

  • Updated the Speech notifier plug-in to use modern APIs, and support stopping speaking while editing the notifier.
  • Changed the new Web (HTTP) helper to only send back the data on completion, rather than for each block received.
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in calculating the Statistics values (they were one second higher than the actual duration).
  • Fixed a bug with the previous betas that prevented Reports from being uploaded to remote servers.
  • Fixed a crasher when cancelling a New Test editor.
  • Updated the UI layouts to better support localization.
  • Updated the German localization.

Download Simon 3.5b3 now!

Re: Simon 3.5b3 released

With this new updated version, Simon provides more facilities. It is fine software to monitor your site. I have recommended to my friend to download this software.