Simon 4.2b3 released

Here's a third beta release of Simon 4.2.

Changes in the update include:

  • Added new Extract List, Extract Changes to List and Rich Text Representation of Changes filters, kindly contributed by Max Cardale. Read the comments for those filters for detailed descriptions of each.
  • Added support for reverse-numbered filter variables of the form {FilterPrior1InputText}, where the number counts from the filter before the current one. All of the Filter<b>number</b> variables are available as FilterPrior<b>number</b> ones. These are "smart" variables that are not available to notifiers, since they just duplicate values already available. (In case you weren't already aware, you can add a number after Filter for any filter variable, to access variables of prior filters; the numbers count from 1 for the first filter.)
  • Added a description of the numbers in filter variables to the help book.
  • Fixed a crash with using the Convert Domain/IP command with a large text field.
  • Fixed a rare crash with reports.

If you already have Simon 4, update in the app. Otherwise, download Simon 4.2b3 now!