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DejalNews 2016-11, issue #65


This is the second issue of DejalNews since resuming it after a many-year hiatus. It is also the first issue being sent via the third-party MailChimp service. So hopefully it works out alright!

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Caboodle featured in BundleHunt

I occasionally include one of my apps in a bundle or promotion, as a way to get extra exposure. At present Caboodle is included in the BundleHunt holiday bundle, featuring an assortment of Mac apps to choose from.

This is a "choose your own bundle" style promotion, where you pick 10 apps out of the 54 on offer, and get them for one low price.

As it happens, the bundle price is just $19.99, which is about the same as the price of Caboodle alone. So by including Caboodle you're effectively getting 9 other apps for free. What a deal.

Check it out!

Caboodle 2 preview

Speaking of Caboodle, version 2.0b2 was recently released. Version 2 includes many much-requested enhancements, including:

  • Multiple documents, so you can have one for work, one for personal, or organize by project, etc.
  • Save on Dropbox or iCloud Drive to share (yes, supports editing on multiple Macs!).
  • The data is now stored in a much improved format, as a package containing standard rich text documents.
  • Much better performance with large documents!
  • Custom fields can now be dragged to reorder them.
  • Improved text area, with a new text format bar, inline find bar, and support for inline markup of images.
  • Spotlight searching.
  • Modernized appearance.
  • And much more!

Want to try it? Check out the What's New page to sign up for the beta or learn more.

Caboodle 2 will be a paid upgrade, but anyone who buys it now will receive a version 2 license at no extra cost, which also works in version 1.

RIP Padmé

On a personal note, I'm saddened by the loss of one of our cats, Padmé. She was just nine years old, suffering from congestive heart failure. She was a sweet girl, and will be missed.

She even had (or I suppose still has) a Twitter account, @princess_padme, where "she" would tweet in haiku. Though that hasn't been updated in a few years.


Thanks for reading!

I hope this new newsletter format works well. I hope to do more newsletters in the future, perhaps every month or two, when I have something to mention. (And I do have some exciting news coming up next month!)

Please let me know what you think of this format, or any other feedback. I'm always interested to hear from my customers.

- David