Introducing Date Stamp

I am pleased to introduce a brand new product from Dejal: Date Stamp.

Date Stamp is an iMessage app to create customizable stickers, featuring a date and message like APPROVED, DUE, PAID, RECEIVED, SAVE THE DATE, SENT, and more.

This is a standalone iMessage app; it won't clutter up your home screen, but will only appear in Apple's Messages app on iOS. Tap the stickers/apps button to the left of the text field to display the stickers and iMessage apps.

Unlike a static sticker pack, you can choose a different date, select short, medium, or long date format, and change the colors of the date and design text to personalize the date stamp stickers.

Download Date Stamp from the iMessage Store, or read on to learn more....

Firstly, here are screenshots of Messages with Date Stamp displayed, in compact and expanded views, showing some of the stickers in different colors:

[Compact view]
[Expanded view]


Use the toolbar above the stickers to change the appearance:


The date can be changed via a mini date picker; tap Today, or spin each of the date components to choose another date:

[Date picker]

Choose short, medium, or long date format (via buttons that show how the chosen date will be displayed):

[Date format picker]

Pick a color to use for the date in the stamp:

[Date color picker]

Pick another color for the rest of the stamp (the text and any frame):

[Design color picker]

Then tap a sticker to insert it in a message, or tap and hold to peel it, and drag it to stick on any message bubble, optionally using two fingers to rotate or resize it as desired.

Sound useful?

Download Date Stamp from the iMessage Store.