Time Out 2.3 released

I'm pleased to announce the general release of version 2.3 of Time Out, my popular break reminder tool.

Version 2.3 focuses on enhancements to the postpone and skip options, including the ability to show the number of times each break has been postponed, skipped, and/or done (finished) today... and a much-requested feature, the ability to set daily limits on postponing and skipping. There's also a fun mini-pie-chart option.

Importantly, this update also includes a number of fixes for High Sierra compatibility, including a significant issue where the label and break background colors can unexpectedly become white.

I recommend updating to this version if you'll be installing High Sierra.

Read on for details.

Optional postpone and skip display and limits

  • Added an option to the Break Appearance preferences page to enable displaying the number of times a break has been postponed, skipped, and/or done each day, so you know how "good" you're being today.
  • Also added options to enable limiting the number of times it can be postponed and/or skipped each day. Useful if you find those buttons too hard to resist, but still want them there sometimes.
  • These features are available as rewards for current supporters. If you were a supporter in the past, but it has expired, you can extend your supporter status to use these features, or try for an hour at a time.
  • If both Postpone buttons and the Skip button are hidden, the control panel is now smaller.

Break Appearance page screenshot

Here's what the "Show number of times..." option looks like during a break; notice the line of text below the buttons in the control panel. Also notice one of the new themes:

Break screenshot

Option to show break labels as mini pie chart

  • Added an option to the Break Name preferences page to show the break label as a miniature pie chart of today's postponed/skipped/done counts.
  • The pie has an outline of the label color, with the postpones wedge as a lighter label color, skips as gray, and the wedge for done is shown as the label color.
  • Added a tooltip on the label icon that displays the same text as above.
  • This feature is also available as a reward for current supporters.

Break Name page screenshot

Here's the sidebar, with a pie option enabled for the Micro break, and the tooltip displayed:

Break pie label & tooltip screenshot

Theme changes

  • Added a new Tropical Rain break theme, kindly contributed by Nick Kaijaks.
  • Added a Cosmic Symbolism theme, as a bookmark to the Cosmic Symbolism website, similar to the other zooming ones. Kindly contributed by Justin Hall.
  • Added an Away From Desk theme (as seen in the screenshot above), that simply displays a message about being away from the desk for a RSI break. Kindly contributed by John Braine.
  • Updated the Muscles theme.
  • Removed the Emoji Zone theme, as the website that hosted it is no longer available.

Other improvements

  • Improved the accessibility prompt when starting the app for the first time, to not show the permissions alert until after the Setup Assistant has been closed, and only if the the suggestion of authorizing it wasn't done.
  • Removed the Post Tweet break action, as High Sierra unfortunately no longer includes built-in support for posting to Twitter.
  • Fixed the View menu items becoming disabled when the sidebar isn't active.
  • If a laptop lid is closed during a break, then re-opened before the break would have been finished, the break will now continue.
  • Restoring a purchase now re-displays the message of thanks in the sidebar; you can dismiss it via the (X) button next to the message if desired.
  • Fixed an issue with High Sierra, where the label and theme background colors could be unexpectedly changed to white. If affected, the colors will be reverted back to the defaults.
  • Fixed some display issues with the the Break Actions page on High Sierra.

Get it now!

If you are using the Mac App Store edition, you can update via the App Store app.

If you are using the direct edition, you can use the Check for Updates feature in the app to update.

Otherwise, download Time Out 2.3 now.