Looking ahead: 2019

Last week I published my annual Dejal year in review post for 2018. This week, let's look ahead for what's in store for 2019.

I am currently working on a complete rewrite of Pack, my simple packing list app. It was originally written in Objective-C, using some legacy techniques and technologies, but I decided to rewrite it from scratch using Swift and modern approaches. It's usually not a good idea to rewrite working code, but this app is small enough, and the code crusty enough, that I deemed it worthwhile. I use this app every time I travel, so I'm keen to keep it fresh and current, and add some great new features... hopefully including iCloud syncing, though we'll see how that goes.

Next up I will start on Time Out version 2.6, with a number of enhancements planned, and several more queued up for future versions. If you have any requests for 2.6 or later, now would be a great time to get in touch.

Fun fact: this week Time Out is the top featured app in the Mac App Store, with a great feature story. (That link will take you to the story in the App Store on a Mac or iOS device.)

I also have a couple of new apps in various states of planning or prototyping; one for macOS, another for iOS. Handy tools to scratch my own itch, which can sometime be a great way to work on an app, though not necessarily a key to commercial success. I hope to get to one or both of those later in the year.

And let's not forget Simon; I have some big enhancements planned for its next release, too.

On the consulting side, I'm continuing to work on SheetPlanner, NewsBlur, and other client projects this year, with some great new releases coming up.

I've noticed that the Dejal blog was a bit neglected last year, with relatively few posts, and I haven't done a DejalNews newsletter for a while, so I want to get back into those; I've set a goal to do one post per week, and one newsletter per month, so please hold me to that! I also want to do some improvements to the website this year. (I guess I satisfied my blogging needs with my personal and homestead blogs, but I don't want to ignore the Dejal one too.)

In terms of conferences, last year I attended AltConf in San Jose and Swift by Northwest in Portland. This year I'm considering entering the lottery for WWDC, since it'll likely have a strong Mac focus, but plan to attend AltConf again if I don't get in. I'd also like to attend other conferences, to be determined.

It's going to be another busy year!