DejalNews #76: Time Out tip & WWDC

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DejalNews 2019-03, issue #76


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Time Out tip: Dock icon and status item

A recent Dejal blog post included a discussion of the options to hide the Dock icon and show the status item. Wonder what would happen if there's no Dock icon and no status item? Read that post to find out!


Apple has opened up registrations for WWDC in 2019, as you've probably seen. For the first time in over a decade, I've put my name in to attend. Last year I was in town, but not at WWDC (by choice), but this year will be an exciting one for the Mac (and iOS), so I thought it would be worthwhile to attend the big show. Here's hoping I'm selected in their ticket lottery! Even if I'm not, I plan to be in San Jose again this year.

Auto-renewing Time Out supporter option?

Not many people voted in the poll in last month's newsletter, so I thought I'd include a link to it again. Would you like and use an option to automatically renew your supporter status?

Please vote in the poll if you haven't already.

- David