DejalNews #77: Pack 2, WWDC, forums phasing out

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DejalNews 2019-06, issue #77


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Pack 2.0

I announced a month ago the release of Pack 2.0, my handy trip packing tool for iPhone. I also mentioned that it is now available completely free; there isn't any up-front or in-app purchase. So there's no reason not to try it! Read the announcement for details.


I'm back from San Jose, where I attended AltConf to watch the WWDC keynotes, and went to a bunch of meetups and evening live podcast shows. It was great to see many other developers, Time Out customers, and others.

Like many people, I'm excited by several of the announcements. SwiftUI was perhaps the most exciting thing, since it'll likely be the future of Apple's platforms, though still needs a bunch of work before a lot of people will be able to adopt it. I certainly will embrace it when I can.

The tools to bring iOS apps to the Mac, known as "Project Catalyst", formerly called "Marzipan", is also interesting. While it won't affect my Mac apps, it could be useful if I wanted to bring Pack to the Mac (for some reason), or other projects.

As a user, macOS Catalina, iOS 13, and other updates include many welcome changes. I haven't installed an iOS beta yet (and probably won't for a while, unless needed for development), but have Catalina on my laptop (not my primary Mac), and while it's very buggy, it does have some good stuff.

I'm also still recovering from WWDC-crud, coughing up a storm. Sometimes no matter how careful I am, just can't avoid it.

Dejal forums are being phased out

I locked down Dejal site account signups several months ago, due to spam abuse, and offered to manually add people. But the forums are on their way out; my suggestion is now to search the site, and if you don't find an answer, contact me directly if you need assistance. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient.

The forums were a good idea at the time, but have never had very high volumes, as almost everyone prefers to receive private and personal help. And the attacks from spammers trying to post on the site makes it untenable to continue offering them. I will leave the forum content there for now, but in due course when I next overhaul the site, I'll remove them. I also want to improve the FAQs and support pages to offset that.

Thanks for reading!

- David