25 years of Dejal consulting

While Dejal has been around several years longer, 25 years ago today I started my first project working for someone else.

My first consulting project was a large medical practice management system called MMAS (for Macintosh Medical Administration System), including server and client applications. It was written in MPW Pascal for classic Mac OS, used by hundreds of medical clinics around New Zealand to manage their practices: everything from appointments, billing, patient medical records, and more.

Here's a screenshot of the window I worked on first, a prescription editor:

Prescriptions window

I described it in a bit more in my post marking the 20th anniversary. Read that for more details.

When I wrote that post, I had fairly recently stopped work on that project, after 19 years, and was a bit uncertain about my future. I was concentrating on my Dejal apps, while exploring options for more consulting work.

In the five years since then, things have worked out quite well. It turns out that there is a bit of demand for macOS and iOS developers (who knew?!), and I rarely haven't had projects filling my time. As discussed in my decade in review blog post last month, I've worked on several interesting projects, and continue to be fully booked with very enjoyable long-term projects, while finding a little time to work on Dejal apps and homestead projects too.

Who knows what the future holds, but I feel in a much better position now, with a bit of diversity in the portfolio, and exciting ongoing work. Long may it continue!