Time Out 2.8.1 released

Another day, another release. Here's a quick bug-fix update of Time Out to version 2.8.1, to fix one issue.

I received several support queries about not getting breaks after updating to 2.8. This version added a feature to automatically skip breaks if Do Not Disturb is on, but apparently a lot of people leave this on permanently, or when otherwise would like breaks. Since this was a new feature, I really should have defaulted the option to off, to not skip for DND.

So this update simply does that: it turns that skip preference off, both by default and for anyone who used 2.8. If you do want to skip for DND, you can turn it back on after updating to 2.8.1.

Sorry for the hassle for everyone affected by this oversight!

Want to try it?

If you are using the Mac App Store edition, you can update via the App Store app.

Similarly, if you are using the Setapp edition, it will handle that update for you.

If you are using the direct edition, you can use the Check for Updates feature in the app to update.

Otherwise, download Time Out now!