Introducing SheetPlanner for Mac

I'm pleased to announce the release of a new macOS app: SheetPlanner. This is a powerful new app that combines an outliner, todo, spreadsheet, timeline, calendar, and more, enabling you to easily plan projects, manage tasks, organize information, and many other uses.

It includes support for multiple types of columns, inline notes and links, sorting, an option to focus on a subset of rows, flexible smart filter options, styles, dark mode, and many more features, yet is very simple to get started.

SheetPlanner was written by me over the past 18 months or so, as a Dejal consulting project for SheetPlanner Software LLC.

SheetPlanner planning document screenshot

Start by picking one of the pre-made templates, or an empty document:

Template chooser screenshot

Configure columns, the theme, and other options in the Inspector:

SheetPlanner theme screenshot

You can show any combination of the Outline, Timeline, Month, Year, and Inspector views, in horizontal or vertical orientation:

Vertical orientation screenshot

Show a month view to see dates on a calendar:

Month view screenshot

And/or a year view for a heat map of tasks:

Year view screenshot

Include inline notes and/or attachments:

Inspector screenshot

Customize powerful filters to show only matching rows:

Editing a filter screenshot

Or edit the preferences:

Preferences screenshot

Try it now!

SheetPlanner is available as a free download, and includes a free three-week full-featured trial. The app can be purchased for just $49.99, or continue with a free read-only mode if you're not ready to buy.

Visit the SheetPlanner website to learn more, or download from the Mac App Store to try it for yourself!

Introducing zCloud

I'm pleased to introduce zCloud, a new app in the Mac App Store to quickly and easily share screenshots and other files.

zCloud lives in your menu bar, and has shortcuts to take screenshots, upload them to Dropbox, and place a link to share them on your clipboard. Just hit the shortcut then paste the link to share with co-workers, friends or family.

You can also drag any file to the menu bar icon to upload and share it.

The preferences enable you to choose what happens when you upload a file, and enable automatically uploading screenshots from the Desktop:

zCloud can even watch any number of folders to automatically upload new files:

The screenshot shortcuts can be fully customized:

The history of uploaded files can be viewed via the menu bar icon, enabling re-sharing, viewing or removing previous items:

zCloud was written by Dejal, as a contract project for zFoundry, LLC. To find out more about Dejal's consulting / contract development service, visit the Dejal Consulting page.

Learn more about zCloud via the zCloud site or the Mac App Store. Available now!

Let Dejal help with your iOS or Mac project

In addition to working on my own products, I help others with their iOS and Mac projects as a contract developer.

Over the past 20 years or so, I've worked on a number of products, but I spent most of my time with one big client, working on the Profile apps for iOS and Mac, large medical practice management apps. Profile for iOS is an app that connects to the IHServer, and supports patient management, appointments (calendaring), tasks, clinical notes, letters, measurements, and many more features. Profile for Mac is a client/server solution with all of that and much more for the medical professionals in New Zealand.

That work kept me busy for almost two decades, but recently petered out as the company moved development in-house as they continued to grow and evolve. I took this opportunity to spend a few months working on the most ambitious upgrade ever of Dejal Simon: version 4.0, that includes a major redesign of the UI, and significant refactoring of the 12-year-old code to modernize it (64-bit, ARC, auto-layout, etc). Now that I'm putting the finishing touches on the Simon 4.0 betas, with a general release soon, it's time to line up some new contract work.

Over the years I've had many offers of contract projects, several of which I had to decline due to lack of time. But now I'm available. If you or anyone you know is in need of an experienced iOS or Mac developer, please get in touch to discuss whether I can help.

(I'm also open to enhancing Dejal apps as contract work, when a feature request fits with the product design goals. Several of the enhancements in Simon 3 & 4 are the result of paid projects for customers who wanted to make the powerful tool even more useful for their needs, including the Email Cycle service, Context filter, History filter, and more.)

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