Introducing the Dejal Subreddit

I have just created a community for Dejal on Reddit, the popular site that bills itself as the "front page of the internet".

Check it out at r/Dejal/.

While I am winding down my own forums due to spam and lack of enthusiasm, it may seem strange to try creating a community on a third-party site. But a great feature of Reddit is the ability for subreddit members to upvote and downvote posts and comments, which not only encourages the most popular and useful posts to float to the top, it also helps reduce spam by pushing that to the bottom. It also has strong moderation tools to help with abuse.

This subreddit is an experiment. It's hard to build a community. But I know that many people use Reddit every day, so I hope that a reasonable number will embrace this new community as an opportunity to talk amongst themselves about Time Out, Simon, and other Dejal apps. I really hope people will suggest and vote on feature ideas there, too; that could be a valuable resource to help me plan future updates, and help my customers have more visibility into what is added.

I don't anticipate it being as good for support queries; you're welcome to post them there, and if the community grows, perhaps others will chime in to help, but at least in the meantime it'd be better if people continue to contact me directly via the contact form on the Dejal site.

Please join the r/Dejal/ community!

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