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Time Out 1.4.1 icon

A customer wrote via email:

I just downloaded and installed your product "Time Out". I like it very much, but in stead of the expected very beautiful icon with the green clock (as showed on the download page) I now see an ugly picture of two hands as icon for the installed application, and during timeout periods on the timeout screen.

Please can you offer us a version with the green clock as icon in stead of the two hands.

My response:

Time Out 1.4.1 does have a rather ugly icon (a badly Photoshopped edition of my hands, in case you wondered). Which is why I had a new icon professionally designed by Emily Pfeifer for the upcoming Time Out 2 release.

The Time Out website shows this new icon as a sneak peek of Time Out 2. Read the Dejal Blog over the coming weeks for more information about it. You should be able to download a beta release by the end of the month.